Our rope flies with Forestry England!

We often ask customers for photos showing how our ropes are used. It helps us understand their needs and helps other customers choose rope from us.

So we’re grateful to Gareth Browning at Forestry England for explaining to us how they use our blue Polypropylene rope… for some high flying heavy lifting.

Fence posts ready to fly, with blue polypropylene rope from RopesDirect

These posts needed to be lifted off a slope in the beautiful Ennerdale valley in Cumbria, where access to the remotest parts can be really difficult.

A helicopter lift was the only feasible way.

Ratchet straps held the posts firmly together and our strong polyprop was used to secure the load to the helictoper’s line and hook. By the way, if you were wondering, our 16mm polyprop has an indicated minimum breaking load of 3.7 tonnes. More than plenty of safety margin here!

Helicopter flying bundles of fenceposts

Many other loads of fencing materials were flown up the slopes during the operation in early November 2021.

The Ennerdale valley, contains one of the largest forests in Cumbria, and every year produces the annual timber requirements of a town the size of Cockermouth. Lying on the north western edge of the Lake District National Park, Ennerdale is home to some of England’s most vibrant natural environments. It is also one of the longest running wild land restoration projects in the UK.

Hats off to Gareth and his colleagues in Forestry England for working so hard to manage this spectacular and important part of our natural heritage. You can visit the Ennerdale Valley for yourself. There are 20 miles of roads but much better to park up and walk or cycle, and get immersed in the tranquility. We’ve put it on our wish list of places to visit for sure. We’re big on the outdoors at RopesDirect: We kayak and walk in our spare time. And we don’t mind admitting we’ll keep an eye on the sky when we go. Not just in the hope of seeing buzzards and skylarks… but also to spot our blue polyprop doing its job under a chopper!




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