Sisal and flax hemp ropes used in Lion King production

Lion King – How our ropes are playing their part

Our rope gets used in all sorts of ways. On fishing boats, for crafts, in homes, gardens and industry. You name it. But we’d never have guessed they would end up in a production of Disney’s Lion King The Musical.

Have you seen it? We’d recommend it when you can. And when you do, see if you can spot our Sisal and Flax Hemp Ropes used to make grassland skirts (pictured).

They are the incredible work of master costume maker Charles Hanrahan who kindly sent us this photo. Mr Hanrahan’s creations grace the stages of some of the biggest shows in town as well as the small and big screens. And we’re proud to have played our part…

Just in case you want any Sisal or Flax Hemp Ropes, here is where to find them. And if you use them for anything half as amazing as these costumes then do let us know!

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