Keep your cat happy with rope scratching posts!

We love animals as well as rope … so we thought this called for a line or two on how to keep your cat happy with rope scratching posts!

Cat scratching board made with vertical Sisal Rope This is Andy the cat who loves his new vertical scratching post.

This picture was sent in by Andy’s talented owner Amy! She bought some of our 8mm Sisal Rope and used a hot glue gun to stick it vertically to a backing board. It’s a perfect spacesaving solution. It was tricky to get the Sisal firmly attached, particularly once Andy’s paws and claws got to work on the Sisal. But the hot glue gun did the trick.

If you are using rope then Sisal is a great option because it is natural and has a fibrous construction. Some people prefer  Jute or Flax Hemp – it’s your choice.

Rope for catsHere is another version of a cat scratching post, where the rope is wound around the post horizontally. It’s not rocket science to make for yourself. Here is a link to a more detailed article on our website to DIY!

And remember – when you keep your cat happy with rope scratching posts, send us a photo and we will post it here!

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