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What Do I Need to Install a Barrier Rope?

Barrier ropes are a common sight in a huge variety of applications, from docks and cliff faces to galas and high-class cultural events. To have such a range, from the purely practical to the aesthetic, speaks of their versatility and quality – quality that Ropes Direct is happy to provide to our customers!

Practical, long-lasting, good looking, user friendly and adaptable, a barrier rope is an excellent solution for keeping people out of areas where they shouldn’t be – whether that’s a staff-only kitchen area, a potential hazard or simply an area off-limits to the public, and, most importantly, rope barriers achieve this vital function while looking great and adding to the aesthetic of the area!

It’s obvious why you’d want to use barrier ropes, but what do you need to get started? What makes a good rope barrier?

Good Quality Barrier Ropes

The first thing any rope barrier needs is the rope itself – and which rope you order will be entirely dependent on your needs. You should look at the area in which you are planning to install the barrier ropes, and carefully measure the lengths you’ll require. The conditions and requirements of the area will also influence your decision, placing requirements on the colour, material and style of the rope. Luckily, Ropes Direct can provide a complete range of ropes to suit any needs you may have, from our dedicated Barrier Ropes and Bannister Ropes in a range of colours to all-natural hemp rope, synthetic hemp rope, jute rope, manila rope and synthetic sisal rope – giving you a wide range of appearances, textures and qualities, from lightweight and flexible barriers to weatherproof, soft rope that is perfect for outdoor use.

The barrier ropes provided by Ropes Direct can be ordered by the metre, to make sure you get exactly the amount you need, or can be bought on bulk reels of rope at a discount for larger barriers. A variety of accessories are available to ensure your barriers are as effective and as easy to install as possible – just ask the team at Ropes Direct or use our contact form to get in touch! Speaking of accessories, the next thing you’ll need for your rope barrier is…


Rope barriers are almost always held in place by hooks, which allow them to be quickly set up, taken down or moved. This degree of versatility makes them much more adaptable than a traditional barrier, and allows you to reconfigure your barriers as necessary to suit various conditions or adapt to the course of an event as it happens.

The hooks available from Ropes Direct can fit to any of our available barrier ropes, no matter the rope material, and are firmly attached by a socket and a pin through the body of the rope, guaranteeing a good fit and a secure hold. These hooks and fittings are available with and without carabiners to open and close them, depending on whether you need your barrier ropes to lock into place, and can be ordered in a range of materials and finishes, including polished brass, glossy chrome, black nickel and brushed chrome. You’ll always be able to find hooks and fittings to suit your needs, your rope barriers and your décor theme at Ropes Direct!


Crucial for a movable rope barrier, uprights allow you to position the supports for your barrier rope wherever you like. Equipped with end plates to attach your hooks to, a set of uprights make it possible to configure your barrier ropes in almost infinite arrangements, dealing with whatever requirements present themselves to you. Many of them can also be ordered with a sign-frame attached, making it possible to include messages or signposting as part of your rope barrier – a useful feature for directing crowds or providing information.


Wall Plates

Wall plates, like those available from Ropes Direct, make it possible to anchor your barrier rope directly to the wall, as they screw securely in and incorporate a loop for your hooks to attach. This is the perfect solution for a permanent or semi-permanent barrier, like those marking off out-of-bounds areas of a building or venue, those preventing access to dangerous areas, or aesthetic barriers.

The wall plates available from Ropes Direct can be ordered in a number of sizes and shapes to suit your needs, and are available in the same materials and colours as the barrier rope hooks and fittings, making them a perfect match, and are tough, secure, long-lasting and easy to clean and maintain.

For more information on the barrier ropes available from Ropes Direct, or for advice on setting up a rope barrier, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts at the Ropes Direct head office! You can contact them on 01692 671721 or use the contact form on this site – they’ll be happy to help!


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