Tramsfom Your Home With Sisal Rope

How To Transform Your Home With Sisal Rope

Do you need some DIY inspiration for your home? Here at Ropes Direct, we offer a wide selection of natural sisal rope, which is one of the most versatile and durable materials on the market. These factors make it the perfect material to quickly enhance the look of your home on a budget.

Whether you’re a cat-lover or a lover of all things decorative, the following blog will help you create unique sisal rope designs that will have everybody talking. You may even start a sisal rope trend.

Top 3 Sisal rope DIY hacks

  1. Do-it-yourself decorations

One of the great things about sisal rope is its multitude of functions. It is perfect for constructing handicraft decorations, that can either update your old ornaments or create brand new additions for your home.

You may have a mundane-looking stool or chair that needs some life injected into it, sisal rope can solve this. All you must do is wrap the top of the stool with sisal rope and you can turn a simple stool into a great rustic-looking feature in your kitchen or dining room.

It may be that you want to add something to your bathroom that brightens the space. This can easily be achieved by adding sisal twine edging to a plain mirror, which will instantly turn your bathroom into a nautical sanctuary.

All of these decorations can be made in any size you wish, as we offer an array of dimensions by coil, metre and reel, which start from 6mm up to 36mm. These size variations give you the opportunity to create both small and large decorations that will enhance your home.


Sisal Rope for your home

  1. Storage tricks

Do you need to declutter your house? The best way to do this is by creating a place to store your clutter by using sisal rope, a plastic crate and a cushion to construct an appealing ottoman. This storage item is perfect for holding old photographs, documents, and any other important or nostalgic items that you wish to keep but want out of view.

For smaller items, such as jewellery or hair accessories, you


can make a small sisal rope container, which is ideal for protecting your possessions and doubles up as a decoration for your bedroom.

Before storing any items, you must ensure that you have used enough sisal rope or twine to secure your belongings and that it is durable enough to keep them in the storage space for a long period of time.



sisal rope for pet entertainment

  1. Pet entertainment

Have you ever wondered what a cat scratching post is made of? Well, now you have probably guessed it is sisal rope, although its official name is agave sisalana, as it comes from the agave plant, and is made up of natural fibres.

This type of rope is the perfect application for a cat scratching tree, as it is extremely robust and will last for many years, regardless of how many times your cat scratches it.

This is not only a great feature for your cat, but will also save your furniture from being ripped to shreds – which is a big problem for cat owners, especially when dealing with kittens.

Although there is the option to buy a cat tree, it is much more beneficial for you to make it yourself by choosing from our wide selection of sisal twine and rope. The DIY option is much more affordable, and you can also add as much sisal rope as you wish for your cat to scratch until its heart’s content.


 Sisal Rope For Pet's Homes


Purchase your sustainable sisal rope at Ropes Direct

At Ropes Direct, we offer our clients a wide selection of the best-quality ropes. We cater for an array of needs and requirements, including DIY applications for your home or elsewhere.

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