How to decorate a staircase fitted with a rope handrail

 Our rope products are particularly popular with customers that like to use quirky features in and around the home.

Take the stairway in the property for instance. Imagine how stunning and unusual it would look if fitted with a rope rail.  

Add a rope handrail to your staircase and you could decorate the area in the following ways.

  1. Wall panelling – Wooden panelling is the perfect accompaniment to natural rope handrails. It’s especially effective if you want to create a seaside theme. Cover the lower half of the wall in panelling, paint this white then add another colour to the top half of the wall. Sky blue is a nice contrast that helps to conjure up images of sunny days by the sea.  
  2. Painted stairs – Strip the wooden stairs back to their base layer, sand them smooth and cover them in primer. Paint the tops of the stairs white and the facia panels in alternating colours, a mixture of light and dark blues ties in with the nautical theme.
  3. Seaside pictures – Add a few happy, seaside pictures to the walls on the staircase. Pictures of beach huts, starfish and buckets and spades are just a few examples of the kinds of images you could use.  As long as the pictures you choose have a nautical or seaside theme they’ll work well with your rope handrail.
  4. Nautical accessories – Shells, lanterns, miniature lighthouses and homemade driftwood decorations could be used to add to the seaside theme. Place them on the shelves or landing sections if you can spare the space, they’ll coordinate perfectly with the new look of the staircase.  
  5. Funky rail/rope fittings – Add a touch of chrome or brass to the walls of your staircase. Pick rail fittings that are features within their own right.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that grab the attention.

Stylish rope fittings give a staircase the wow factor.

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