Encourage your kids to get healthy using a skipping rope routine

Remember how much fun skipping used to be as a kid?

Little did you realise at the time, skipping was giving your body the perfect workout, all you knew is you were having tons of fun.

Why not rediscover the passion you used to have for skipping and skip with your kids?

It’s great for them, fun for you and you’ll all get fit together.

The advantages of skipping

·         Skipping increase your heart rate by pumping blood throughout your body

·         Skipping boots your lung capacity

·         Skipping improves flexibility

·         Skipping hones reflexes

·         Skipping builds bones

·         Skipping trims thighs, hips and the posterior

People skip to lose weight, boxers skip for fitness and you could skip with your family as a joint workout, just try any of these techniques.

  1. Standard skip – Twirl the skipping rope over your head and jump with both feet off the ground when the cord arcs its way to your feet. Keep doing this for 20 minutes or so and you’ll soon start to feel the burn.
  2. Kick skip – Hop on one foot as you skip. Kick the other foot to the front or the back as you skip and alternate legs after a while.
  3. Jog skip – Jog on the spot whilst skipping. Give your legs and your arms a workout at the same time.  
  4. Alternate hop skip – Hop on one leg whilst skipping. Perform ten skips then switch to the other leg.
  5. Jack jumps – Try to complete jumping jacks whilst you skip. It’ll feel a little tricky at first but once you master the technique it’ll give you a really great workout.  
  6. Double Dutch – Get help from two extra people this time. Ask them to stand facing each other. One grabs one end of the rope and the other holds the opposite end. Tell them to move backwards away from each other until the rope starts to get taught. Get them to spin the rope and jump in when you feel ready. Take it in turns to swap places and once you start to get comfortable try adding another rope. Have twice the fun as you Double Dutch, it’s the best fun you’ll have with a rope this year!     

Try any of these skipping techniques with your kids and you’ll all get fit together. 

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