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The Difference Between Synthetic and Flax Hemp Rope

At Ropes Direct, we stock a huge variety of ropes to suit any requirements which you may have. Part of our selection includes a choice of synthetic hemp rope and natural flax hemp rope – but what’s the difference?

The Differences

Flax hemp rope is woven from naturally occurring hemp fibres – exactly as it has been for over 10,000 years. This fast-growing, hardy plant provides the fibres needed for rope, and was the primary rigging and cordage used in the Age of Sail thanks to its flexibility, versatility, availability and durability.

By contrast, synthetic hemp rope (while looking almost identical to natural hemp) is woven from synthetic polymer fibres, which lends it a range of properties unlike those of natural fibre rope. For example:

  1. Synthetic hemp rope is rot-proof

Natural hemp rope is an environmentally-friendly cordage solution, with its constituents growing from the ground and decaying naturally away. However, this same process is a double-edged sword – natural rope will decay and may rot and become weak while we are still using it. This doesn’t happen with synthetic hemp rope, which is rot-proof even when kept wet for long periods of time.

  1. Natural hemp rope is environmentally-friendly

As mentioned above, natural hemp rope is an eco-friendly approach to rope making, as the entirety of the rope body is made from hemp fibres – a tough, versatile and fast-growing plant fibre found in the hemp plant. This makes natural hemp rope a perfect solution for environmentally-conscious consumers or those who want more straightforward disposal of their rope after they’re done – natural hemp will just rot away naturally and doesn’t require any specialist disposal.

  1. Synthetic hemp rope is more kind to skin

While all the hemp rope from Ropes Direct is soft and comfortable to handle and use, the synthetic hemp rope is particularly kind to your skin. With a myriad of potential uses as climbing equipment or in children’s play areas, this trait is especially useful – as well as in boating, stagecraft and other areas involving plenty of contact with our hemp rope!

  1. Synthetic hemp rope is weatherproof

Natural hemp rope is a tough, hard-wearing material, but the synthetic hemp rope available from Ropes Direct has an additional advantage over it – it is completely weatherproof. Able to be left in any conditions without degrading its condition, this makes it a great choice for marinas, tying down covers and tarpaulins, camping, and any other outdoor application.

The Similarities

While they may seem very different, natural hemp rope and synthetic hemp rope have a number of important similarities. For example, both flax hemp rope and synthetic hemp rope are durable, tough and strong, and they can take a beating without giving up.

They both float on water, making them useful for boating and other marine or freshwater use, and – most importantly – they are both great value for money!

For more information on synthetic hemp rope or the natural hemp rope available from Ropes Direct, you can get in touch at any time using our contact number, 01692 671721, or using the contact form on this site!

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