Create dream garden decking in easy steps

 Okay, it’s the time of year to give your garden a quick makeover in time for summer but where do you begin?

After months of neglect the garden is looking a little worse for wear, so how are you going to tackle the project?

Why not start with the decking?

Get it shipshape and it’ll be the perfect place to chill throughout the summer months.

Here’s what we suggest…

Wash the decking

First things first, tackle the grime that has accumulated on the decking over the winter.  Moss, soil and wet leaves leave wooden decks in a sorry state.

Blast them away with a power washer. Go along every single plank with a jet of high pressure water and once you have covered every inch of wood the timber should be looking much better.

Treat the decking

Right, you have cleaned the decking so now’s the time to give it a little treatment. You could use decking oil, wait for the timber to dry out after cleaning it then liberally apply the oil. Cover every segment of timber and not only will it look better, it’ll be protected from the elements.

Why not stain the decking?

Or you could stain the decking if you prefer. There are various stains on the market that are suitable for decked areas and if you fancy a different coloured deck it’s not a bad place to start.

Inject a bit of colour in your garden, give the deck a fresh coat of stain and see the difference it makes afterwards. 

How about adding a few new features?

So the deck is transformed, it’s been cleaned and treated but what else can you do?

Add a few features!

Manila rope handrails are a good option.

Rope handrails are durable and flexible. They look good and last for ages too.

Plus you could fill the deck with new furniture, add lanterns and really bring the timber to life using the personal touch.

Simple eh?

We hope that’s given you some food for thought at Ropes Direct.

Now all you have to do is tackle the deck.

Good luck! 

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