Craft ropes

Craft rope – the perfect Christmas gift for a crafter

Started your Christmas shopping yet?

Yes – we may only be in October, but many people already have!

Families want to get organised this year, partly due to recent media reports regarding shortages of lorry drivers – and the effect that might have on shops.

Fortunately, we’re not experiencing any issues here at RopesDirect. In fact, our warehouse has just been restocked with 32 pallets of rope, including a diverse range of styles, colours and sizes. And our APC Overnight drivers have continued to deliver orders quickly and professionally to our customers.

RopesDirect warehouse restocked with craft rope

Now surely everyone wants a hank of rope for Christmas… who wouldn’t?

But seriously, craft rope could be an excellent gift idea for an enthusiastic craft lover – and we have just the thing. Our online store is currently packed full of ropes, twines, and strings that are perfect for their next creative project. To give them a little inspiration, our blog page has lots of unique ideas of things to make using our products, along with fun step-by-step guides to show them how.

So, why not take a look today? Add a few high-quality ropes to your basket and cross that craft lover off your ‘to buy’ list.


Craft ropes available at Ropes Direct

Type of craft rope

  1. Cotton cord and rope

Cotton cord is an essential supply for anyone who likes macramé. You can never have too much of the stuff! But even if your craft lover isn’t a fan of this retro knot-based pastime, there’s lots of other things they can do with a simple length of cotton rope. Keyrings, jewellery, handbags, coasters, curtains, lamp shades, candle holders, rope baskets, hammocks, dog toys…

The possibilities are endless.

As part of our natural rope collection, we stock cotton cord and cotton rope, on reels and by the metre – and we have lots of different diameters to choose from. So why not replenish their supplies, and perhaps treat them to a new macramé pattern book? Not only will it put a huge smile on their face this Christmas, it’ll keep them busy for many months to come.


Type of craft rope

  1. Twines and strings

These are a classic staple in a crafter’s supply box.

There are so many things you can do with a simple ball of twine or a length of string. From creating home décor pieces, such as plant hangers and storage containers, to making fun kids’ toys, having a go at string art, or simply adding a little decoration to DIY gift wrap.

Here at RopesDirect, we have a fantastic selection of twines and strings available, including sisal twine, flax twine, jute string, cotton string and more. These come in a range of colours, diameters, and coil sizes, and can be bought individually or in multipacks.

Perhaps you could look for a cute craft bag online and load it up with a few different varieties? It’ll make a really thoughtful yet budget-friendly gift, and is bound to be appreciated by a seasoned craftsperson.


Coloured craft rope

  1. Coloured rope

Coloured ropes are one of the easiest ways to introduce colour to a craft project. And again, they can be used to make a diverse range of beautiful things. Your handicraft lover could weave a chair, a doormat, a handbag. They could make new home accessories, such as a basket, a rug, a table mat, or flowerpots. After so many hours on Pinterest, they’re bound to have some ideas! (We’re on Pinterest too – find us at

Available to purchase on our website, we have both polypropylene and polycotton dyed ropes in a rainbow of colours. Red, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange, blue… you get the picture, we have them all. These come in various diameters to suit different activities, and are all sold by the metre.

Why not buy a few metres in each colour and pair them with a new craft journal? Your loved one can plan a different craft activity for each month and send you photos of the colourful results!


Start your Christmas shopping with craft ropes

Craft ropes in RopesDirect warehouse

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a crafter in your life, craft rope is a great option – practical, yet thoughtful, and very easy on this year’s present budget! What’s not to love?

All of our ropes and cords, here at RopesDirect, are affordably priced and available for immediate delivery. When you shop with us, there’s no need to worry about limited stock or transport delays. Your order will be at your doorstep, ready to wrap, in a matter of a few days. Or if you live close by, you’re welcome to collect it – free of charge – from our warehouse in Norfolk.

So why not browse our full online store today? Join the millions that have already begun their festive shopping and give a craft lover a gift they’ll adore this Christmas.


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