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Why Choose RopesDirect for Your Bannister Ropes?

Bannister ropes – sometimes spelled banister ropes – are sometimes used in place of a rigid bannister railing, providing an attractive handrail on staircases which fits with many interior design themes, actively contributing to the aesthetic of the area while providing a strong, sturdy and comfortable railing for staircase users.

Lots of different ropes can be used to make banister ropes, including both natural and synthetic ropes. The primary concerns for a bannister rope are strength and comfort – the bannister must be strong enough to support the people using the stairs in the event of a slip or fall, and must be soft enough to avoid chafing or hurting their hands as they use the staircase. Some rope types, which tend to splinter or have a rough texture, may be strong enough for use as a bannister rope, but are too hard on the hands, while other rope types may be perfectly soft and comfortable, but lacking in strength.

The banister ropes from Ropes Direct are chosen for strength, texture, appearance and durability, among a range of other factors. We pride ourselves on providing gold-standard banister ropes to all of our clients – with decades of experience in rope-making and providing bannister ropes of all types, we’re happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for, no matter your requirements. For more information on the bannister ropes available from Ropes Direct, or to talk about what we can do for you based on your needs, feel free to call us any time on our head office telephone number, 01692 671721, or use the contact form on this page!

What are Bannister Ropes?

Bannister ropes are ropes used as a handrail or barrier on staircases, to protect users of the stairway from falls and provide them with a handrail to hold onto as they ascend and descend the stairs. Formed of strong, thick rope, a bannister rope usually passes through a number of brackets or loops which anchor it to the wall or to the bannister posts, providing the strength the bannister rope needs to do its job.

A bannister rope has a number of advantages over conventional bannisters, including a unique and attractive aesthetic and the ability to adapt to staircase shapes and fittings that may not suit a solid bannister installation.

What can Bannister Ropes be Made From?

Banister ropes can be made from a variety of materials, including both natural and synthetic rope types. At Ropes Direct, we have a wide range of ropes which are all well-suited to use as barrier or bannister ropes, chosen for their strength, softness and appearance. The banister ropes available from Ropes Direct can be woven in a number of ways, including traditional three- and four-strand construction and modern ropemaking with a core and external rope covering. Talk to the experts at Ropes Direct about the sort of rope which would best suit your needs – they’ll be happy to help you find the perfect bannister rope for you! The banister ropes available from Ropes Direct include:

Acrylic Fibre Bannister Rope

Our acrylic barrier rope is made on a traditional ropewalk from cutting-edge acrylic fibres, guaranteed to provide excellent levels of strength and comfort. Long-lasting and durable, these acrylic fibres don’t biodegrade, so you won’t need to worry about damp and can use them outside. The acrylic fibre banister ropes from Ropes Direct are also available in a wide variety of colours and thicknesses, so you can find the perfect rope bannister to complement your design choices. Hardwearing, soft and strong, acrylic bannister ropes are the ideal choice for any stairway.

Synthetic Hemp Rope Bannister Rope

For a more traditional look, synthetic hemp bannister ropes are perfect. Softer and kinder to skin than natural hemp, a synthetic hemp bannister rope is strong enough to act as a sturdy banister and protect the stairway’s users from falls, while still being flexible enough to fit in any bracket arrangement. The differences between hemp rope and synthetic hemp rope are many, but both types of rope are strong, sturdy and long-lasting – ideal for use in bannisters.

Jute Bannister Rope

With many of the same qualities as hemp and synthetic hemp rope, at a more affordable price, the jute bannister ropes from Ropes Direct are made with a strong polypropylene core sheathed in jute rope, providing both exceptional strength and a soft, aesthetically-pleasing outside. These traits make our jute rope an excellent choice for use as a bannister rope, and it is available by the metre, the coil or the reel, so you can always get the amount you need!

Jute Bannister Rope

Natural Hemp Banister Rope

If you love the look and feel of a hemp banister rope, but you’d rather something more environmentally-friendly than synthetic hemp, a natural hemp banister rope may be perfect for you. Traditionally used in hundreds of applications for its strength and versatility, natural hemp rope is durable, tough, strong and resistant to wear and tear – making it perfect for busy households or business and commercial use. Talk to the team at Ropes Direct today for more information on our natural hemp banister ropes and how they can help you!

Manila Banister Rope

Another rope type that has been in use for centuries, Manila Rope is a natural fibre rope made from the abacá plant. Particularly strong, durable and long-lasting, manila rope is very popular in marine applications as it won’t degrade when exposed to seawater – although that probably isn’t as much of a problem in your banister ropes! A manila banister rope is a great all-round performer, and doesn’t compromise on flexibility, strength or comfort.

Synthetic Sisal Bannister Rope

Absolutely ideal for use as an outdoor bannister rope, synthetic sisal bannister rope is a light brown rope which doesn’t splinter or shed hairs, made with very strong polysteel fibres, making it around 30% stronger than a polypropylene rope. The synthetic fibres have excellent resistance to rain and UV light, and are smooth to the touch – perfect for use outdoors! Synthetic sisal bannister rope is also great for use as a banister rope indoors, with excellent strength and texture.

What are the Advantages of Bannister Ropes?

Bannister ropes have a number of advantages over traditional solid banister installations. Attractive and versatile, banister ropes can be tied in to a huge range of aesthetics and design themes, from the ultra-modern to the traditional, rustic or marine.

Physically flexible, banister ropes are also well-suited to many stairways where a solid bannister installation is impractical or impossible. They can be completely reshaped simply by removing the brackets that support them from the wall, then repositioning them, making bannister ropes a particularly versatile, adaptable banister solution.

What are the Traits of a Good-Quality Bannister Rope?

A good quality bannister rope will be strong enough to support a person using the stairs, especially if they fall and catch hold of it to save themselves, or support themselves while ascending and descending with the help of the rope. All of the bannister ropes available from Ropes Direct meet and exceed this strength requirement, making them ideal for use preventing falls and protecting the people who use your stairway.

A good bannister rope should also be soft and smooth, so that it doesn’t irritate or hurt the hands of the people using it. The banister ropes sold by Ropes Direct are all kind to hands, but some, like our acrylic bannister rope and synthetic sisal banister ropes, are especially smooth.

Why Choose Ropes Direct for Your Bannister Ropes?

Ropes Direct has been the premier supplier of ropes in the UK for years, providing industry-leading quality to our customers all over the UK and beyond! We have an enormous range of ropes, including bannister ropes, and the expert knowledge to help you find exactly what you need!

Our ropes are available by the metre, by the coil or by the reel, so no matter what size the project is, you’ll have enough rope to get the job done.

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