5 things a treehouse needs

 Kids love climbing, they adore playing outdoors and they thrive on excitement as well.

Know a great way to combine all these factors?

Build a treehouse!

Create a fun plaything in the garden, bring your child’s dream to life and turn a tree into a place to escape to, a secret spot where they can have numerous adventures.

Before you do though, form a plan and make sure the treehouse includes all of these things.

A good base

Every treehouse needs one essential thing, without a tree the project is scuppered from the start. Pick a good solid tree that has strong and supportive branches, make this the bedrock of the project and you can start to plan the design.

Hardy materials

Would you build a treehouse with poor materials? Of course you wouldn’t, the chances are it wouldn’t last very long. Poor quality materials are going to wear away before you know it, choose something durable and the treehouse will last for many years to come.

Excellent build quality

Good design is essential when you build a treehouse. Hardy materials are important too. This is all well and good but if you haven’t got the skills required to build the wooden structure you have fallen at the first hurdle. Be honest, can you complete the treehouse, build it to a good standard and make it safe in the process? If not, get help, don’t take a chance. Build the treehouse to exceptional standards, your child’s safety is at stake!  


Think about the height of the treehouse when you build it. Is it high enough to give your kids a thrill without scaring the living daylights out of them? Build the treehouse too high and they’ll never want to use it. Make it too near the ground and you can’t really call it a treehouse, it might as well be a shed!

One final thing

A rope ladder! One of the fun things about using a treehouse is climbing a rope ladder to get inside.

We can help you in this area at Ropes Direct.

Our synthetic hemp is soft, strong and durable.

It’s great for treehouses and countless other outdoor projects.

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