4 ways you can swing your way to fitness

 Our oak swing kit is the ideal addition to a garden this spring, hang a swing from a tree and your kids will have hours of fun when the weather is dry.

Swings are great fun and they’re good for fitness too, when the kids aren’t looking have a go, try swinging for an hour or so and see how fit you get with one of these exercises.
Warming up and getting fit – Before you try any other exercises warm up a little first. Sit on the swing, pump your legs and soar. You’ll work your legs, work your arms and if you lean back then sit forwards as the swing comes down you’ll be able to ‘crunch’ your abs at the same time.   
Ab workout – Think it’s too difficult to tone your abs whilst sitting on a swing? It’s not! Sit on the swing like you are about to push off, raise your legs to your chest and lower them to the ground again. Keep repeating this exercise until your abdominal muscles really feel the burn. It’s such an easy exercise and a really useful way to tighten those tummy muscles.
Push ups – Place your feet on the swing, stretch forward with your hands on the ground. Push up and down to work the muscles in your arm, just make sure nobody moves the swing when you are completing this exercise.
Push outs – Push your children when they are on the swing. Work one arm at a time to tone up ‘bingo wings’ and say goodbye to flabby arms.  Something as simple as this helps to firm up muscles, particularly the triceps which are often overlooked.
Wooden swings are fun and they’re handy for fitness as well, try to think of imaginative ways to use the rope swing in your garden, staying trim doesn’t have to be a chore.

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