Father's day activity that uses paracord

4 Father’s Day activities inspired by paracord

Father’s Day 2021 is just around the corner, falling on Sunday 20th June.

Of course, there are lots of ways to mark the occasion, from rustling up a special breakfast to picking out the perfect gift. But if you ask him, we bet the only thing he really wants this year is to spend quality time with his kids. Which is why we’ve rounded up a few fun Father’s Day activity ideas.

These are all inspired by paracord, which is the perfect rope for outdoor adventures and just what you need for some daddy-daughter or father-son bonding time. So why not take a look at our suggestions? Choose something that everyone will enjoy and make it a day to remember.


  1. Go camping

Now lockdown restrictions have started to ease – and overnight getaways are finally permitted – it’s the perfect time for a camping trip. Go and enjoy the great outdoors with Pops. You don’t have to travel far. In fact, you could even set up camp in your back garden if you really wanted to! Just make sure those guylines are OK… we’ve got plenty of nylon cords which are just right for most family tents.


  1. Rock climbing

This is one for the dads who thrive on adventure. And probably those who have traversed a mountain or two before – as we definitely don’t want broken bones on Father’s Day!

Why not search for some of the best places to go rock climbing in the UK, and perhaps take Dad to a location he’s never been to before? Simply gather up the essentials: paracords, harnesses, carabiners, helmets etc. Put your trust in each other and enjoy the adrenaline rush. Mind you, we also sell climbing stones to build your own kids’ climbing wall!


Father's day activity that uses paracord


  1. Plan a family workout

Even if you’d prefer to spend your Sunday sat on the sofa, Father’s Day is a time to do what your old man loves the most – and if that’s working out, so be it. Instead of hitting the gym, why not opt for an at-home bungee workout instead. Bungee cords are much cheaper to buy than a gym membership and our previous blog ‘Stay fit at home with our bungee workout’ has lots of exercises for you to try together.


  1. Tie some knots

This one is great for younger kids, especially if the weather isn’t in your favour. Essentially, it’s a craft project – that involves tying knots in paracord – and we guarantee it will provide hours of fun.

We particularly recommend checking out animatedknots.co.uk. This is a fantastic site for learning how to tie paracords, with detailed step-by-step tutorials for almost 200 different knots. Simply invest in a few reels of paracord and see if Pa can knot up a king cobra survival bracelet!


Father's day activity using paracord


Stock up on paracord for Father’s Day

Our online store features a range of cords that are perfect for these Father’s Day activities, including nylon paracord, braided jute cord, coloured polypropylene cord, polyester braids and ropes and more. All are currently in stock, affordably priced and available for delivery by the 20th.

So, why not browse the full collection today and give the gift of family-time this year?

If you’re unsure on which is the best type of cord for your chosen activity, there’s lots of advice and information throughout our site – as well as our handy RopeFinder , that will help you to narrow down your search. And remember, if you do use our paracords this Father’s Day, be sure to send us some photos. We’d love to see our products in action on your special day with Pops.


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