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10mm Blue Polypropylene Rope - 500m reel

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10mm blue polypropylene rope is our best-selling product as it is an excellent versatile rope. Polypropylene ropes multipurpose qualities are shown by the varying industries in which it is used. This rope is often mistakenly called by the generic name of nylon rope. Polypropylene can also be used for a number of purposes within the home and at your workplace. The following disciplines all benefit from the use of polypropylene rope:

·         Construction and Engineering – Polypropylene rope is often used for nets as the product is durable, resistant to the weather and forceful impact. Also, when constructing buildings or other structures such as bridges, fibres of the rope are often added to the soil to increase its strength.

·         Fishing Industries – Polypropylene is also readily used in the fishing industry as they don’t get tangled with the propellers of the boat motor. It is also exclusively used as a water-ski rope.

·         Packaging Industries – It is commonly used for packaging in logistics services.

·         Marine Industries – A popular choice among cruise ships, polypropylene offers longevity and is easy to handle.

·         Defence Industries – Polypropylene rope is commonly used within the armed forces for climbing difficult structures.

·         Telecommunications – This particular material is often used as a draw rope within the telecommunications industry.

As a multipurpose rope, ideal for both commercial and domestic use, polypropylene has many benefits. The first and probably most recognised benefit to polypropylene is its strength. The cheap rope has an approximate breaking strain of 1570kg. Its strength stems from its three-strand make-up. Polypropylene rope is also impressively resistant to heat and friction as it has a higher melting point than most common polymers. Probably most relevant for the marine industry, this cheap rope is also rot-proof. Unlike materials such as hemp rope, polypropylene can be continually soaked without incurring any damage. Another advantage, particularly within the boating industry, is that polypropylene rope floats!

If you would like to find out more or are interested in purchasing some polypropylene rope contact Ropes Direct on 01692 671 721.

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We buy our rope from Ropes Direct as they are quick at delivering and one of the cheapest on the marketMark Pratt (Mar 10 2020, 09:03 am)
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